Level of Repair Harddisk BadSector

The hard disk is where the operating system and all computer programs are stored. Due to this, a correctly working drive is important in the operation of any PC.

But since these drives are essentially merely an electro-mechanical devices, and like every other machine they can at last breakdown and fail. And then oops, without backups, all of your family footage, legal documents and critical emails are gone!

There are 3 (three ) levels of file recovery for a dying or damaged drive :


1. Basic Level : The drive is working ( your can hear it spin up but it won’t boot to Windows ) This typically suggests that some necessary Windows files have been comprised or damaged in some shape. You’ve got to choices…

Use a Rescue CD : You can grab a bootable CD with hard drive utility software already installed on it. You can then make repairs or copy your files from your bad drive to a replacement. A good big name brand rescue CD for Windows is the “Ultimate Boot CD”.

Move the Drive : if you do not have a technique of burning a rescue CD and do not desire to hang about for a copy to sent to you ; you can always move your bad drive and place it in another working desktop Computer .


2. Intermediate Level : The drive works but you can not see the files you would like using the strategies above. You at about that point have to get out the massive guns. You’ll have to download and run an data recovery program like “Active UNDELTE”, “Recover My Files”, and so on. Both these programs are strong, trustworthy, and simple to use and won’t cost an arm or a leg to purchase. Both have tech support options if you want further help.


3. Advanced Level : You have attempted everything above but you can not find that Last Will from Aunt Sue…

At that point you have likely spent a couple of hours ( if not days ) without your Computer and invested just over a $100 in software if you used all the above products. Now, is the time for you to choose to either employ a pro level recovery application or chuck in the towel and take your drive to a recovery expert.

If you’ve got the time but not a great deal of money ( understand that tough drive recovery services can cost hundreds or thousands of greenbacks ) then you can ratchet it up a bit and purchase a copy of the home version of EasyRecovery from Ontrack. Ontrack is one of the leading information recovery corporations in the world.

But if time is more urgent and cash is no obstruction then bite the bullet and take your drive to a local PC shop that does recovery work. Or if that’s not possible then contact a giant service like Ontrack and ship your drive to them. Data recovery can be costly irrespective of who does it, so to be on the safe side and make file backups often and completely.

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