Remove spyware “vistamessage.exe”

Vistamessage.exe is a rare kind of spyware/walware.

Much information is not available on the Internet about vistamessage. And most spyware/virus scanners do not detect it. However, it is definitely some kind of spyware or malware. If you get infected with vistamessage.exe, you may experience the following problems:
1. System slowdown: You computer may become very slow. If you hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete, you can observe vistamessage.exe comsuming memory and CPU, thus causing the computer to slow down.
2. Popups: Some users have also reported unwanted popups.

Way to remove vistamessage.exe

1) Go to Start -> Run and type "MSCONFIG". The MSCONFIG dialog box with open up.
2) Go to "Startup" and uncheck "VistaMessage". (You can also do this using CCleaner.)
3) Restart your computer.
4) Locate "vistamessage.exe" on your hardrive using Windows search and delete it.
5) Run a registry scan to remove references to this file in the registry.


how about it your PC clean now from spyware ???


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