Lost in the blog posting

Do we feel to lose something in the blog posting for example, we accidentally or accidentally delete us from our blog? With the help of Google with a lot of features, we can still recognize the re-posting the deleted tersebut.Of course only when the post was not deleted too long may be about 4 or 5 days ago.

Here is how: In the browser GOOGLE.COM (universal) or Google.co.id (Indonesian) in the search we type: EXample site: http://computerslearnings.blogspot.com/ You can change the name according to your blog Later we will be directed to the page that we had a posting listed on google and we just click the text " Cache " or " Tembolok "

Then we copy and paste the document to us or direct us back to the blog post we are, or we distributed to other blogs .. we Unfortunately I have not know whether this also applies for a blog that is banned by .. google May have a friend who knows ...! If there is please give a comment ya Regard www.bundakami.co.cc

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